Latest MacBook Protection Price in Bangladesh

Protecting your MacBook from scratches, falls, and screen damage is a crucial thing. These potential and instant damages can be heartbreaking. So it is your liability to safeguard your valuable MacBook by enveloping it in shields. How to Protect your MacBook? Utilize a MacBook cover and Screen Protector as a preventive measure. CoverWala offers a range of covers and screen protectors, ensuring top-notch MacBook Protection. Additionally, the pricing is highly reasonable, making it accessible for all users seeking to shield their devices effectively.

Types of MacBook Covers Available in BD

MacBook Hard Shell Cover: Slim-fitting cases that guard against scratches and drops are available. Among them, you'll find lightweight, thin hardshell cases such as the Incase Textured Hardshell.

Sleeves: These Sleeve covers come in both soft and hard-shell varieties. Some sleeves feature additional padding to protect against bumps and shocks.

Leather Covers:  Leather covers for MacBooks are available in premium artificial or original leather. Some of these sleeves are designed to allow you to charge your MacBook while it is in the sleeve.

Top MacBook Case in Bangladesh

The Macbook case combines sleek design with durable materials. The combination ensures comprehensive protection against scratches, falls, and everyday wear. Here is the list of some MacBook cases available: 

  • WiWU Crystal Shield Case for Macbook
  • WiWU Defender Stand Case 16.2 Inch – Black
  • WiWU Minimalist Laptop Sleeve for Macbook
  • SwitchEasy Artist MacBook Protective Case – 13-inch
  • Wiwu Voyage Laptop Sleeve Case For MacBook – 13-inch
  • WiWU iKavlar Shockproof Protective Hard Shell Case Cover for Macbook

These cases offer a perfect fit for various MacBook models and are also available at CoverWala

MacBook Screen Protector in BD

There are various options available for MacBook screen protectors. You should choose one that ensure added durability without compromising the display quality of your MacBook.
Here are the top names of Screen Protector available in Bangladesh:

  • Wiwu Screen Protector for Macbook
  • Coteetci High Transmittance TPE Screen Protector for MacBook
  • WiWU Laptop Keyboard Protector for Macbook

Get MacBook Protection from CoverWala

CoverWala is a trustworthy name for any kind of gadget accessories in Bangladesh. The MacBook cover is not out from the list. Get the best MacBook protections from this renowned e-commerce. They offer the best product with the most competitive price around the country. So visit CoverWala to buy your desired MacBook Protection. The buying system is also pretty easy and user-friendly. 


What type of MacBook case is best?

There are multiple types of MacBook cases that provide strong protection to your MacBook. Among them, Hard Shell Covers and sleeves are the most popular. All these covers and cases are available at CoverWala. 

Is the MacBook case important?

Yes, a MacBook case is important to protect this expensive device from any kind of harm. Cases can save MacBooks from scratch, and fall damage. 

Is MacBook Cover expensive?

No, MacBook covers are never been so expensive. In a price range of 1500-3500 BDT you can buy an authentic and sturdy MacBook Cover from CoveeWala.