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Latest Phone Screen Protector Price In Bangladesh

Phone protector plays a very important role in safe your smartphone. Specially the case is the most important smartphone protector. The screen protector also has the same potential to save your screen. The camera protector safes the camera lenses from scratches and other damages. CoverWala is always concerned about delivering users the premium category smartphone protectors. They also deliver smartphone covers at a very affordable price.

Affordable Phone Cover in Bangladesh 

Coverwala, Bangladesh's premier online store for accessories. It offers an extensive array of affordable phone cases crucial for safeguarding smartphones like iPhones. Besides the iPhone, you will find protectors for other phones. Such as Samsung, and OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Honor, etc. These cases shield devices from damage, ensuring longevity. With a diverse collection, Coverwala is popular for, providing the best prices for top-notch phone covers in the country. Always prioritizing quality and affordability.  They fulfill the varying needs of users by delivering smartphone covers at the best possible price in Bangladesh.

Here is the list of available phone cases at CoverWala:

  • X-Doria Defense ClearVue MagSafe Case for iPhone 15 Series
  • KZDOO Guardian Transparent Clear Phone Protective Case for iPhone 14 Series
  • JMGOKIT 360 Rotary Bracket Series MagSafe Case for iPhone 15 Series
  • Unique Silicone Magsafe Case with Camera Lens for Galaxy S23 Series
  • YOUNICOU Matte Colorful Case with MagSafe for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Available Screen Protector  In Bangladesh

A Phones screen protector can shield your phone's screen from harm. Using a good screen protector is crucial to maintaining the condition of your device's display. You may get branded screen protectors for your preferred model at CoverWala in Bangladesh at a competitive price.

Top Camera Protector in Bangladesh

To protect your camera lenses from any kind of scratches you should use a camera lens protector. In Coverwala you will get multiple types of camera protectors. These Phones camera protectors are very affordable in CoverWala.

Top Phone Protection Brand in BD

Some prominent brands of phone protectors in Bangladesh include -

  • Anker
  • Baseus
  • Joyroom
  • Nillkin
  • OnePlus
  • Rock
  • Remax
  • Samsung
  • Spigen

Buy Smartphone Protection from CoverWala

We have a large collection of screen protectors from top brands. Here you can find screen protectors for different models according to your budget. Order your desired product and we will get it delivered to your doorsteps within the shortest possible time.  


Which type of case is best for your smartphone?

There are several cases that contain a strong build quality and hold a strong design. TPU cases and leather cases are popular. All these cases are available at CoverWala.

Why you need a camera protector for your smartphone?

To protect your camera lenses from scratches and sand you should attach a camera protector on your lenses.

How much is the iPhone 15  case in Bangladesh?

You will get an iPhone 15 series phone cover at 700-1500 BDT in Bangladesh. CoverWala is the best online store for buying a case for Iphone 15.