Affordable Phone Screen Protector Price in Bangladesh

Display protector plays a vital factor in your devices resilience. To keep your mobile screen scratch-free, safe, and clean you should use a  protector. CoverWala is here for you, to deliver the best smartphone display protectors. They offer a great price for every product you buy from them.

Types Of Smartphone Display Protectors in Bangladesh

There are multiple types of screen protectors are available to protect your display. Tempered glass, Hybrid glass, and so many other display protectors you can use to save your display and keep it clean.

Tempered glass: It is most common type of screen protector available for display.  The sturdy glass protects against scratches and impacts. It is also maintaining a clear display. 

Privacy screen protector: It is one of the latest innovations in display protection. The glass is designed to prevent others from viewing your screen content from a side view or angle.

Hybrid glass:  These protectors, are crafted from PET and PMMA plastic. It can emulate the feel of glass but is not real. Their non-glass composition renders them less susceptible to breaking or tearing upon impact.

TPU film: Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a softer, somewhat elastic material. This sturdy material offers reliable protection that can withstand even the worst drops.

All these covers are available at CoverWala.

Top Mobile Glass Protector  in Bangladesh

Here is the list of top display protectors from CoverWala:

  • Anank Privacy Glass Protector for iPhone
  • Kuzoom Clear Glass Protector for iPhone
  • OnePlus Ace Pro 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector Black
  • Kuzoom Dust Free Glass Protector for iPhone 13 Series
  • Kuzoom Dust Free Glass Protector for iPhone 13 Series

Get Smartphone Display Protector From CoverWala

CoverWala has a wide range of screen protectors & phone camera protectors. So when you need a screen protector for your smartphone display just visit CoverWala. This prominent online accessory store is capable of delivering the best glass protector for mobile. They provide most affordable screen protector price in Bangladesh. Moreover, they are also famous for their customer-friendly service.


How much is a  screen protector in BD?

You can buy a screen protector for your smartphone at the price range of 700-1400 BDT. Go to the CoverWala website and get your desired display glass.

Which mobile screen protector is best?

Among all the display protectors Tempered glass is known as the best. Alongside it Hybrid glass and TPU Film screen protectors are also great. 

Are UV screen protectors better?

Indeed, UV screen protectors are better for smartphones. Because they are better at sunlight to show your display clearly.