Phone Cover Price in Bangladesh

Every phone or device comes with its own particular durability factors, some have glass protection for the front and back, while others have PC or plastic material to protect their back panels. In Bangladesh, the demand for phone covers is really huge, because the demand for smartphone or phone users has gained a lot from the last few years.  

Whether it's Android or iPhone cover, the investing rate of smartphone users on phone covers is almost 80-90%, due to everyday hectic lifestyle and accidental phone drops from hands, users depend on phone covers for their durable built and quality materials. So depending on the built quality, brand value phone cover price in Bangladesh differs from brand to brand.

How to Choose the Best Phone Cover ?

  • Brand: For specific brands, phone cover price differs due to their brand popularity and loyalty, users prefer mobile phone back cover considering their market values.
  • Design: Every design has their own uniqueness and fashionable look. Whether it is an iPhone 7 cover or iPhone x cover or Samsung phone cover comes with their own unique design changes.
  • Material: Believe it or not, phone cover’s material plays a vital role in protecting your favorite smartphone. There could be various materials like: TPU, Leather, Hard Plastic or Polycarbonate and even Silicone materials that ensures good protection for your phones.

Get Genuine Phone Cover from CoverWala

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Which quality of phone cover is best ?

Whether it is Android or iPhone, you should consider Silicon, Polycarbonate and Leather cases that protect your devices from accidental drops and impacts.

Is phone cover good for Mobile?

Yes. Most cases phone covers are considered the best way to protect your mobile phones. As greater built material ensures further protection when you accidentally drop your devices.

What is the price of a TPU case in Bangladesh?

The latest price of TPU phone cases in Bangladesh differ from phone brands, whether it is transparent case for Galaxy S23 Ultra or Bumper Case for OnePlus, TPU prices differ from phone brands themselves.